Flash Optimization Capacity Reduction Quality of Service Agility & Fluidity
All customers desire to benefit from flash memory's performance and reliability, but most cannot afford enterprise flash memory. CacheIO software is the only solution that enables low cost commodity flash for enterprise workloads. Combined with the best of class capacity reduction features, CacheIO disrupts the current economics and drives datacenters to the all flash era.
CacheIO achieves the best of class capacity reduction through its proprietary metadata architecture. CacheIO software supports higher scale up capacity and lower $/GB, global deduplication across a federation of nodes, unlimited deduplication ratio, extremely thin provisioning, zero-overhead snapshots and clones, and online or post compression.
In a multi-tenant datacenter not all applications are equal. CacheIO software virtualizes resources from multiple nodes into a single pool of performance and capacity. Administrators can now provision performance as well as capacity to each application based on its service level agreement, with guaranteed minimum while allowing max and burst throughput.
CacheIO software achieves the shortest time to access and time to performance in the case of application migration or node failures. Adding or removing a node from the federation incurs the minimal data movement. Thin replication, replicating only deduped/compressed data, greatly increases storage and network efficiency.
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